Sunrise Agrivoltaics Site Visit in Brumath

We are delighted to invite all attendees of AgriVoltaics IFE23 to participate in an exclusive site visit to the innovative agrivoltaics facility, located approximately 20 km north of Strasbourg. Developed by BayWa r.e., this "fruitvoltaics" pilot project integrates energy generation with raspberry cultivation, showcasing a harmonious blend of sustainable practices. With a capacity of 432 KWp, the facility is set to enter its final construction phase in November, offering a fascinating glimpse into the future of agrivoltaics.


Participation in the site visit to the Brumath agrivoltaics facility is subject to mandatory registration through the normal ticket registration process for the AgriVoltaics IFE23. Secure your spot now and catch a glimpse of the future of agrivoltaics firsthand.



Wednesday, November 29, from 07:30 AM to 09:30 AM.



Brumath, Alsace. Bus service from the forum venue in Strasbourg to the site and back is included in the site visit fee.

Illustrative depiction of an agrivoltaics facility